Travel information

Easy access to the retreat from Sofia

  • You’ll be met at Sofia airport and taken by bus to the retreat site at a minor extra cost.
  • The bus ride from Sofia Airport will take 3-4 hours.
  • It is also possible and quite easy to drive there on your own, for instance by renting a car at the airport.
  • Or you can take a train or a bus to Sofia and go from Sofia to Pamporovo by bus (ca. 4 hours).

Travel to Bulgaria

  • By air: If you are travelling from Western Europe or other parts of the world, the fastest way to get to Sofia is by plane.

If you are looking for less CO2-intensive alternatives, here are a few options:

  • By bus: Eurolines (website available in German, English, Hungarian and Polish, French, and Italian) offer bus lines to Sofia from many cities in Western and Central Europe. An overview of the bus lines to Sofia can be found here.
    As an example, a direct bus from Berlin takes one day and two hours and costs around 100 euros.
  • By train: Train tickets to Sofia are easiest to buy here.
    (available in Danish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Czech and English) As an example, a train ride from Berlin with three intermediate stops (in München, Zagreb and Beograd) takes one day and 12 hours. Depending on where you are travelling from, you might have to purchase tickets for the first part of the journey locally and then buy the rest from this website.
  • By car: Should you want to make a road trip, the drive from Berlin to Sofia takes around 16 hours (with low traffic) and is 1600 km long according to Google Maps.

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