Rich and varied programME

Silence for long meditations
Long meditations in the comfort of your own room produce a calmer and more receptive frame of mind, and pave the way for thorough relaxation, increased energy, and enhanced self-awareness.

Daily guidance in your own language
Discussing your meditation experience and quandaries in guidance groups enhances meditation skills and deepens insights into central life issues.

Seminars based on questions from the audience
Seminars with Dr. Are Holen explore the psychology of meditation and help you to enhance your meditation practice. He founded Acem in 1966 and has been the main force behind the development of Acem Meditation.

Choose your workshops
There will be a number of parallel talks, workshops, games, and exercises: the science of meditation, body-boosting movements, painting your self, finding your voice, local flora and fauna, and much more.

Meditative yoga
Daily sessions of basic Acem Yoga have a refreshing effect and facilitate the practice of long meditations. There will be special sessions  on breathing practices, impulse practices, and how to let go.

Walking and talking in the mountains
Few things can beat a leisurely walk and talk with old and new friends in the forests, grasslands, and mountains near the retreat center.