Any meditation that lasts more than an hour is considered a long meditation. Acem differs from many meditation techniques in being suitable for long meditations.

Practising long meditations on your own is not recommended. Any long meditation should be followed by discussion with a qualified guide. This ensures that the meditation experience is understood, utilised and consolidated in a beneficial way.

In general, the longer you sit in meditation, the stronger the effects will be. This is not only a consequence of the increased time spent in meditation, but is also due to activation of deeper processes. For example, a 2-hour meditation is more effective than four separate sittings of half an hour each.

All of the effects of Acem Meditation are intensified during long meditations. Relaxation becomes deeper. New energy, drive and self-confidence are released for use in daily life. Basic personality structures and self-images are brought to light and harmonised. At the same time, long meditations help yield a better understanding of important nuances in your practice, thereby improving the quality of your daily meditations. Effortless meditation for 3 hours or more is one of the most reliable indicators that your are meditating correctly.

Meditation retreatPractical guide to Acem retreats
A book by Are Holen & Torbjørn Hobbel

This book contains useful information for the practice of long meditations at Acem retreats. Long meditations yield insights into meditative processes and enhance the quality of everyday meditations.

At regular retreats, daily meditation time is gradually increased and may reach 3–4 hours, while daily meditation periods at deepening retreats are 5–6 hours or more. Some people find that 3–4 hours is enough, while others are interested in longer meditations. This book has something to offer both groups.

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